I Play Online Poker at a New Site

I have recently started to look for other sites to play online poker on besides the normal ones. I consider myself a good poker player and have played at the big two sites as well as both the sites featured on the 60 minutes profile. I have success at all of them but recently I’ve found the best place to play online texas holdem is on https://poker.bwin.com/poker.aspx.

I did not know much about the site before too recently. However, I saw an ad for them on http://www.gulfcoastpoker.net/. Been from Louisiana I check out that site a lot. Anyway, I expected a European site to have a lot of donks, or Eurodonks, players that were likely to play fast and furious and could get caught up overplaying certain hands. I thought if I played my tight and normal style of poker and I’d get paid. Texas Holdem is not that hard a game if people overplay their hands.

I’d have to say that is exactly what has been happening. I’m going to brag a little. In one particular hand during my last texas hold ’em poker session I had AA in mid position. Normally, I’d like to raise aggressively to thin the field. However, I discovered on this site if the pot is unopened as it was, I could simply limp and let the maniacs to my left do my betting for me. Why do the pushing if the Eurodonkeys will do the pulling, right?

Sure enough, one of the guys puts out a raise, the button re-raises, and the BB three bets it. Time to shove the $500 sitting in front of me. BB calls me with AK. Nice try sir. It’s never easy so I had to sweat a four outer as the flop brought a J and a 10. Oh well. I’ll take that matchup every hand. If that gets lucky on me I’ll happily reload and fire again.