Situations to Fold Pocket Kings Preflop

1.  Never

2.  Never-Ever.

3.  Bet, Raise, Re-raise, Re-raise, Re-raise, action to you… maybe.

4.  On the bubble in a multi-table texas hold’me satellite.  Everybody wins the same prize if they survive the bubble and one person is knocked out.   Three shorter stacks are all in.  Each of them has you covered.  Looks like the two players behind you are going to ship it too.  They also have you covered.

5.  You’ve won more than you’ve ever had.  Everything you own is on the table, all of it, including your house note, your stocks, bonds, and savings, and number 3 happens.

You won’t find that in most strategy books or online strategy sections, like this one.

I’ve only folded them a couple of times…

In a cash game, I was deep and my opponent was deeper.  One of my better nights.  He bet, a couple of callers, I popped it.  He repopped.  I repopped. He pushed another couple of thousand in which would put all my chips in.  Hmmm.  My opponent was the embodiment of the tight stereotype.  You could call him ‘the nuts’ because he always had them when he shoved.  Never saw somebody snap off his bluffs because he didn’t bluff.  I turned them face up and mucked him.  He didn’t SHOW the aces but after I cooled off he and walked around the house a little bit.  He said he had them.

In a MTT, we were down to the money bubble.  A guy bet, I raised, another guy went over the top all-in, another guy went over the top all in.  The initial raiser followed suit.  If I folded I’d have plenty of chips for the money play.  To me one of them HAD to have Aces.  Two of them had me covered.  I wasn’t getting a 4 to 1 price.  I laid them down.  AA, 1010, QQ.  Flop brought a King.  Yeah… Still it was the right decision.

I gotten away from Kings plenty of times after a flop, even one that for all intents and purposes didn’t justify the agression of a player at a table, but really rare preflop.  Long run it’s a lose-lose situation.  Kind of like folding sets on non-textured boards. 

The ev is there.  For a helpful tool in calculating starting hands ev check out this site, bwin’s poker strategy as well.  If you don’t know what ev is, learn it.  Shorthand it’s the expected value of the hand.  Plus ev is good.  Negative ev is bad.  Kings have a strong plus ev from any position.