The Bat’s Pet Peeves

These are in reverse order.  It’s a countdown folks but not really.  Depending on the day any of these can be the most annoying when the Bat sits down to play texas hold’em. 

5.  Hygiene.  Pop a breath mint folks.  Brush your teeth twice a day if not more.  Floss, it’s good for your heart too.  Clean your beard, shampoo your hair and bathe.  It’s called a bathroom for a reason.  It’s not called a toilet room.  Bathe frequently.  Clean every nook and cranny, crack and crevice.  If you are going to play online texas holdem  don’t bathe, but when you are going to play texas holdem poker in a casino next to people, talk to them, mouth breathe, and in general bring a funk into a casino, don’t sit next to the Bat.  This can easily be my number one pet peeve.

4.    Taking your sweet time.  Like the look of the cocktail waitress, describing your bluff to your friend, eating at the table, texting somebody, whatever… Put your eyes back on the game.  You are there to play texas hold’em not to socialize.  Keep it moving and give the Bat time to gather all the chips.  Hey, there are no Oscars awarded either so save the Hollywooding for your community theater audience of five.

3.   Angle shooters.  You should be shot.  Nothing more needs to be said.  Your pump fakes, your chip tickles, swearing you are going to bet and not, you folks are scum and in the Bat’s crosshairs.  The Bat’s got a free texas hold’em lesson for you, if you don’t want to be a target at your table or in the parking lot don’t angle shoot.

2.  Mucking out of turn.  It does matter in texas holdem, don’t think that it doesn’t.  It effects how much somebody may bet and rewards an early position player a greater latitude in the range of hands he can play.  Betting out of turn is just as bad, but mucking, especially preflop can set off an avalanche of out of turn actions.  Don’t do it.

1.  The number one pet peeve in texas hold’em poker, one probably shared by many pros alike is the slow roll.  You have a top three or four hand don’t be bashful.  Unless Phil Ivy is lined up across from you, you likely have a winner.  If you get in a staring contest with a guy and it’s your turn to show… show it.  If the other guy shows, don’t grimace or show one card at a time, show them both and move on to the next hand.

Binions is new again…

The birthplace of modern poker, the start of the Chris Moneymaker effect, the cramped World Series of Poker venue before the massive Rio became the cramped WSOP venue, the staple of the Old Strip, Binions is turning a new leaf. You want to play poker in the spot legends were created? Now you can. Not that you couldn’t a year ago, but then it was a dingy, crowded, weathered antique. Back then, if you wanted to play texas Holdem on the table that Texas Dolly won his early bracelets, it was a distinct possibility you’d play on the very same table he played on with no renovations to the chairs, faded felt, or steam driven shuffle machines. The fact their 80 year old dealers were Doyle’s dealers 30 years ago just added to the ambiance.

Granted, I prefer to play online texas hold ’em at or at but when I do venture out into live play or land in Vegas, I always liked the opportunity to play under the black and white photos of past world series of poker champions. What’s changed? Now, I can do it in style. Binions has been given a facelift, Madonna would die for, and is now a polished jewel on the old strip.

A brand new poker room is being unveiled where everything is brand spanking new. Built in the spot once occupied by an old longue the new room has 10 tables and 11 plasma TV screens. The words spacious and comfortable come to mind, when a few short months ago the room was exactly the opposite.

Next time when you play online texas holdem and you are ready to take a breather or get out of the house, or if you are planning a trip to Vegas check out Binions. Now, instead of being part of the museum if you decide to play texas hold ’em on the old strip at the birthplace of poker, you’ll be playing in style. Alpine Cup Qualifiers ( is hosting another opportunity for texas holdem online players to win their way to a live event the PokerNews Alpine Cup online texas holdem finals.

From, this sounds like a dream vacation: “The Alpine Cup is a new live poker event that will be held in March 2009 at the luxurious Alpine Palace ski resort in the Austrian alps. players lucky and skillful enough to win one of the $8,000 trip packages up for grabs in the online finals will be in for the time of their lives, with a perfect mix of skiing, poker, and living the high life awaiting the winners in the Austrian alps.”

The first qualifer had 63 players vieing for the title for three packages. The winners were: mazlumb2, liverpool170, and mr.Schne.

The Aussie Millions Winners

Unfortunately I did not advance deep  to the finals stages of the Aussie Millions to win the $18,000 play texas hold’em prize package offered on PokerRoom (  However, I must send out my congratulations to those that did including ChipLieder85, AmazingRiver, and CorpseGR.

Can’t beat the systems or the variety of means to get there. ..  

You can start in the Lucky Dollar level, where $1.00 + $0.10 gets you a chance to advance to the next level playing Texas Holdem online, $15 +$1.50, and from there $69 +$6.  Win a seat there and it gets you into the equivalent of a $500 +$40 buy-in.  Remember how Chris Moneymaker won big at the WSOP, same principle to get there.  Shannon Shorr of the Gulf Coast started his career with qualifiers to the Aussie Millions and then crushed the field once he got there. 

You could also have won the Big Bounty event which paid the top two places with the $18,000 packages and give you the opportunity to win $100 for each Team PokerRoom member you knocked out.  Then there was the Mobile Millions online texas hold’em poker challenge (, and coming soon the Leaderboard Challenge and the Sit ‘n Go Jackpot.  All great wins to win the prize package.  There is another qualifier starting tonight. 

I hope to play tonight.  I have had a good streak going on this site and think I can advance past the early levels.  I’ve seen how hard Will Souther is working on a similar structure and I know it’s a challenge.  But it’s a fun one.   Pretty soon, I hope to be reporting from Melbourne.  Just as long as my big cards hold and my little ones improve.

Congrats to the Aussie Millions Poker Prize Package Winners

The Poker Room ( has out done itself with qualifiers to the Main Event of the Aussie Millions ( You can play online texas holdem all the way to Melbourne. Their poker prize package now includes: $10,500 (Australia) buy-in to the Texas Hold ‘Em Main Event, $2,200 buy-in (AUS) to a six handed event, 11 nights at the posh Crown Victoria hotel ($4,000 U.S), and $3,000 (U.S.) expense money.

They have a few different ways to play poker to get there. Unfortunately, I have yet to advance deep in the Lucky Dollar online poker play qualifiers. With them basically you can get in cheap to the first level of satellites by playing a $1.10 qualifer and go up a ladder of events ($15 +$1.50, $69 +$6, $500 +$40). This is the type of way Chris Moneymaker qualified for the WSOP Main Event. One day he decided to play poker online in a small qualifer and kept advancing until he won his seat. The rest they say is history. I also read that Shannon Shorr started his texas holdem career at the Aussie Millions by progressing up a ladder of qualifiers. Once in Melbourne he crushed the the texas hold’em tournament.

I like Poker Room because they have 4 or 5 different ways to get to the main events of global poker tournaments. For the Aussie Millions, they also had the Mobile Millions (you can play mobile poker), a Bounty Tournament, and coming soon a sit ‘n go challenge and a leaderboard challenge.

 There is another tournament tonight which I might take a shot at.

Hopefully, you’ll read a blog post from me in Melbourne sipping a frothy beer if I do advance.