Aussie Millions Winner is Team bwin member AmazingRiver


Team bwin poker players, AmazingRiver, King_Dirk, and fjolss dominated a  field of 266 players in Event #14 of the 2009 Aussie Millions Poker Championship, Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em $2,200 Poker Tournament.  The three of them made it all the way to the final table.  Thomas Lindbjerg (AmazingRiver) entered the final-table as the chip leader and left it with all the chips.  After knocking out most of the remaining players, Lindbjerg found himself one on one with American pro Noah “McLovin” Schwartz. 

Lindbjerg prevailed bluffing his way through a couple of pivitol pots and winning with the Brunson hand of 10 2.  Lindbjerg aka Amazing River won the first place prize of $130,021 (Australian).  Alexander DeBus aka King_Dirk finished in 5th winning $34,580 and Jacob Lysemose aka fjolss won $65,436 for third place.

For a player named AmazingRiver, it was a day of “unamazing” rivers.  Time after time his opponents had outs to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat with the river card to come but every time Lindbjerg’s better hand held.  The only thing Amazing about the rivers were that none brought a suck-out.  Online poker tournaments get a bad rap for unlikely cards hitting but online poker player AmazingRiver had to be happy his final live table the cards held up.

When play was reduced to six-handed Lindbjerg starting things rolling by knocking out the sixth place finisher when his Ks9S called Jonathan Dull’s open shove made with Ac5d.  The flop gave each of them a pair with their lesser card.  Lindbjerg turned two pair when a king hit and only had to sweat three aces and two fives.  The river was a blank.

Lindbjerg then busted fellow Team bwin member Alexander Debus aka King_Dirk in fifth.  Again, Lindbjerg in the face of an open shove had a decision to make.  This time it was easier holding AQ.  He moved over the top all in.  Debus’s button shove was a Kh8s.  Lindbjerg turned a full house and King_Dirk was railbound knocked out by his team-mate.

Phillip Peters was next up in Lindbjerg’s sights.  Peters had an open ended straight draw on the turn and second pair.  When Lindbjerg shoved with top pair Peters made the call. The river was unamazing and bricked out.  That left three players standing Noah Schwartz, Lindbjerg and Jacob Lysemose. 

Lysemose, whose bwin handle is fjloss unfortunately was next to fall to the amazing run of AmazingRiver’s.  Lysemose shoved over the top of Lindbjerg’s raise.  Lindbjerg called with pocket Kings.  Lysemose had Ace rag and needed some help.  Again, the river had potential but nothing came.  His ace went upaired and Lindbjerg had but one opponent left to knock out.  

Noah Schwartz’ fell when his KJ made top pair on the flop of J104.  Lindbjerg held 102 good for second pair and got two pair on the turn with a 2 rolled off.  Schwartz got checked raised all in.  After a long bout in the tank he called.  He was drawing slim to the river.  Again, the river blanked out, which was Amazing only to Amazing River.

Lindbjerg knocked out everybody at the final table. The team bwin players won entry in to this event as a bonus to the Australian Main Event prize they won playing an online tournament qualifier.