Bat-ter Up

It’s been a while since the Bat has found the time to fill in the poker world on his activities.  Well, world the Bat has been crushing it.  Bwin, Pokerstars, FullTilt et al have all felt the Bat’s wrath.   Now, the Bat is headed to the IP.

The Bat doesn’t know what to make of the Biloxi comings and goings of that other casino that saw fit to cesure the other animal on Gulf Coast Poker.NET.   Hmmm.  The Bat has been known to get dis-civil every now and then and would hate to get blacklisted from any of the Gulf Coast’s casinos.  Perhaps, they are a little too strict.  Seems like the Monkey can’t win in cash games, despite causing a ruckus wouldn’t that make the other players want him there? 

How many high rollers has he chased away at a 1-2 table?  Mighty loose definition of a high roller if you ask the Bat.  No offense PokerMonkey.  Then again, perhaps because he only plays 1-2 he doesn’t qualify as a person of worth.  The Bat guesses these casnios don’t understand that one banned Monkey might have a lot of friends that will ban the casino doing the banning.  Those people have a high enough net worth to qualify as people so maybe that’ll be the rhetorical strategy to get the ban lifted. 

The Bat’s been jumping all over the NFL games.  Sports Gambling is fun when the better, favored team always covers.  Unless you are Vegas.  The favorites are where it’s at and the Bat has won enough in the first six weeks to pay out a downpayment on a new Bat mobile.  (The Bat will never stop losing right?).   Just keep banging the favorites Bat, but stay away from SF-Indy this week.  The Niners can give the Colts a game.  In fact, the colts are a little bit of a paper tiger.  No other blogger will say that because of Peyton’s ties to the Gulf Coast.  Speaking of Gulf Coast, Favre will have his day and his way in Green Bay.  The Bat’s a poet, you know it.

Anyway, look for some IP updates in this same Bat-Space, same Bat-place, next time.

High Stakes Pokah

The Bat saw that his favorite talking head as far as poker goes (his favorite talking head is Martina Navratolova because of the accent and the specs) AJ Benza is getting kicked to the curb.  This guy is a straight shooting foil to Gabe Kaplan and now he’ll be a part time guest on the Howard Stern Show and little else.  Which was basically what he was doing before High Stakes Poker.  But if Ali Nejad can have a career why can’t the man Benza.  Nejad claimed he’d play poker online with all the nosebleeds back in the day.  Come on Ali.

The Bat went to Benza’s blog… titled “Benza Neat” while better than Benza Neato is still a little weak and in that HUGE picture of the guy means he’s got an ego even bigger than the Bat’s.  The Bat just moved Joe Seebok down the Boy wonder list and Benza to the top.  Would the Bat let Benza play online poker for him?  Doubtful.

High Stakes poker was a hell of a show and the droll Benza made the action even in its lulls entertaining.  If High Stakes Poker or more importantly the Game Show Network had to axe somebody maybe it should have been kaplan.  Sure Benza played the straight man but Kaplan’s worn thin like a marathon of the World Series of Poker and Norm Chad’s divorce jokes.

Rumor has it that Vanessa Ruosso is going to take over the gig.  The Bat doesn’t frequent 2+2 but let’s just say somebody pointed him there by accident.  Anyway, the pocket protectors and zit popping magic players over there say the gig is Ruosso’s.  Strange because she’s well known for tournament play not for being a cash legend, and though she has moderate online poker cred so what.

You can’t deny the girl’s got game, and the Bat’s not sexist, so he’ll give Vanessa Ruosso her due.  Put her next to Vanessa Selbst and she’s downright hot too.  The Bat would like to see these guys doing poker:  Dennis Miller.  Obscure, inane and thinking man’s references should be the norm.  Norm McDonald, while we are carting out old SNL geezers this guy has actually played poker and he wouldn’t be afraid to rip a donkey.  Jeffrey Ross.  One hour long roast after another.  Dave Chappelle.  Has he crawled out of his cardboard box crack house yet?  If not, here’s a gig he can sink his teeth into.