Wassup WSOP–Dealers Choice

The PokerBat is excited.  The WSOP has kicked off, with the employee tournament.  They don’t give the winner a bracelet or a ring.  The Bat thinks they should give them something.  Maybe a gold cut card or tip glass.  BTW, who deals for the dealers.  And why don’t the dealers’ dealers get to play?

Imagine if they asked the players to do the dealing.  How many would be so chartiable to do that?  Could you imagine guys like Phil Hellmuth, or Scotty Nguyen taking 12 hours out of their life to deal for the dealers.  I’d bet if they gave people that cashed the option to tip and serve as dealers, many would give a smaller tip and sign up to deal for the dealers.  Then most would no-show.  Can you say the Bat doesn’t have faith in humanity.  Uh, scratch that the Bat doesn’t have faith in poker players.  Which is a shame because as Annie Duke said, “Poker players are awesome!”

The Bat doesn’t think this idea is that farfetched and would love to see it done.  The Bat thinks it’s the least poker players should do.  They’d regain their appreciation for the dealers, because even the former dealers that went on to fame as professional players have forgotten what it means to be a dealer and treat the staff poorly.  I wonder if dealers playing in such a tournament would scratch old scabs and return the surly treatment they’ve gotten from players if the situations happenend to be reversed.

Can’t imagine the players would be too happy about cards being thrown in their face.  This is something the WSOP should consider.  Perhaps, they could then solicit the dealers and staff, to rank the best players as dealers (…not dealers as players) and give maybe two Main Event seats to the highest ranking.  Freeroll the mainevent by dealing for the dealers.  Surely, some lesser pros would take the opportunity.  Plus, it’d be good pr for many of the bigger stars.  ESPN would certainly take some footage of that to splice into the main event.  The winning player could be called Dealer’s Choice or something like that.  Course many of the players might need a refresher course on Texas Hold’em rules.