Poker Bat Sizes Up the Poker Hall of Fame Part I

The Poker Hall of Fame just released their latest and greatest group of nominees, but the Poker Bat goes beyond the press releases the normal media regurgitates for you like it’s news. Everybody’s playing Texas Hold’em poker but that Bat is playing every game. You know what the Bat means? Let’s take a look at the Poker Hall of Fame.

One of the guys in there is Roger Moore. James Bond you say? Well, unless that Roger Moore was the son of sharecroppers, which is unlikely give his British accent and haughty attitude, it’s a different Roger Moore. That Roger Moore, may have been a Jackie Robinson type for poker, but considering he only won one braclet in 1994 and he was elected in 1997, professional poker’s dirty little secret may be that it wasn’t desegregated until 30 years after many other sports. Considering the depth and quality of African American players now, if Moore was honored for being a historic first (and the Bat doesn’t know if he was because 1994 seems head-scratchingly late) it seems short-sighted afterall winners in that day in age basically bested a field the size of a glorified sng.

His career totals of 337k pale in comparison to the life-time earnings of plenty of African American players to come after him. Moore also finished 6th in the 1986 Main Event, but the Golf Course owner (he owns two), really doesn’t leap off the page as a hall of fame poker player. Though, the Bat’s idea of a poker player who should be hall of fame worthy may be a little different than mosts. There should be three types of inductees to the Hall of Fame. The biggest winners, the bigggest losers and the biggest rogues. For in truth the game would be no where without all three of those types.

Guy Laberte is a lifetime donator to high stakes games everywhere because he basically prints money as the owner of the Cirque Du Soleil. Factoring in the trickle down effect this guy has had a far bigger impact on poker than say all but a few in the Hall of Fame. In fact, the rich guys that piss away their money keep the game going. One day there should be a spot for him at the Hall of Fame. In fact, Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan should pay for it, if the WSOP doesn’t.

There would be no Doyle Brunson unless there were a sucker born everyday and a least a sucker at every table. Those “suckers” grew the game and funded the game. In fact, before TV money, online poker money, and the variety of sponsorships and poker businesses out there now, it was the donators that enabled the game to thrive. It’s hard to find a donator in the Hall of Fame right now.

At first blush, your eyes are drawn to the credentials of Crandell Addington who was inducted in 2005. He has zero braclets and even less career earnings than the Georgian James Bond. If he wasn’t winning, and he was playing during the touranment era maybe he was losings. Turns out, Addington at least helped create the concept of the World Series of Poker. Okay, that’s worth a look. The fact, he was know as “Dandy” for being a sharp dresser makes you question if he was a rich donator?

Turns out Addington was a self-made millionaire but in the World Series he could never close the deal. He finished second in the main event twice (losing to Johnny Moss in 1974 and Bobby Baldwin in 1978).

The Bat will wrap this up in his next post.. You know you are on pins and needles…

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