The Bat Rails about Rail Birds…

You know where you will never find the Bat? You won’t find in your chatbox after a Texas Holdem online tournament getting all gooey about a play the Bat’s friend made against you. You also want see the Bat leaning against a literal rail when the World Series of Poker comes to town. There is no such thing as a Rail-Bat and there never will be. There’s rail birds, jail birds, and jail bait and of the three the Bat don’t want no part of two, and he only wants some of third if no one is watching. Okay, the Bat don’t really want jail bait either, that was a joke, next thing you know that creepy guy that stalks creepy guys on NBC will be showing up at the Bat’s door.

The Bat hates the No Limit Texas Hold’em online railbirds the most. The live ones the Bat can tolerate. Usually, they are backing some dude that should have no chance to cash and got lucky, so god bless ya. You guys online are mostly just looking for a handout when your friend strikes it rich. God don’t bless ya so much. You know what Rail Birds figure out a way to win for yourself and stop polluting the chat boxes with you ramblings.

The Bat once was on his way to a nice online score and suddenly riding shot-gun in the side car were all these people the Bat had eliminated. The Bat does take kind to folks who butter-up looking for something in return. You kiss the Bat’s ass the only thing you get in return is coming from where you’re kissing. You beggers and fake fans are worse than the real fake beggars sitting on the corner hoping to get enough cash to make a drug score. Shame, because with times the way there are, there are going to be some good people in the need of help, and there will be a lot of bad people ruining the name of somebody in need of an honest hand out.

The Bat doesn’t want to get on a serious tip, the Bat wouldn’t be writing blogs if were to get on a serious tip, this is supposed to be fun, and berating the lowlifes and scallywags of the poker world is fun. So you railbirding beggars the Bat is calling you out.

Nobody is going to give a crumb to a gambler/card player in need of a crumb. What poker player is going to take out the checkbook and back a guy that needs backing for a $5 sit ‘n go or a $5 satellite unless something terrible happened. The Bat is all for giving people chances, second chances, and even third chances but don’t come begging asking for a stake for some low buy-in event and expect the Bat to want to take you on as a horse.

You can’t rub two nickels together to buy into a satellite the Bat ain’t rubbing two nickels together for you. That simple. If you were any good you would already be out of the hole by now. So next time the Bat’s chatbox blows up expect the Bat to tell you dweebs with out any concept of bankroll management to find some pride, stop begging, and get a real job.

The Bat’s got an ego on him, no doubt. The Bat always has had one, but the Bat remembers working hard to put together buy-ins for tournaments, going poker broke, and going real life broke and bouncing back. The Bat relied not on the charity of strangers but on the faith of friends who have seen the Bat’s success in poker before. Everybody has a downturn but don’t let yours turn you into a begging railtard.

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