The Bat’s World Series of Poker So far

Bat in Vegas update number 1.

The Bat decided to get an early start on his promise to win a bracelet this year no matter the poker games he has to play to get it.  The World Series wasn’t working out, with their buy-ins over the 1k bankroll the Bat traveled to Vegas with.  The Bat immediately started propositioning women at the poker table to come to his room for some one on one action and taking out his money clip.  Before the Bat could explain it would be the Bat’s gold money clip vs. their bracelets the ladies all started calling security.  The Bat will have to rethink how he makes the offer he’s discovering.

The Bat did get one taker and he’s almost embarrassed to admit what happened.  At a 3-6 game the Bat was dragging massive pot after massive pot, the white chips falling like rain, and a toothless tattooed dingbat who chased every hand like the game was No Fold ‘Em not Hold ‘em, seemed like the perfect mark to be had.  She obviously had never been to bwin poker school. The Bat started making polite conversation.

Turns out the lady said she was self-employed.  She did massages and other personal services.  The Bat liked the sound of that because the Bat’s back was in a bit of pain.  He needed someone to rub the shoulders, neck, and waist and if the Bat could get that AND win a bracelet at the same time, that would be a special piece of luck.

The Bat wondered about her experience and asked how long she had performed such services.  She giggled and said, “Paid or unpaid.”

“Professionally,” the Bat replied.

“I’ve been a professional on and off since I was 15,” she giggled.

“Must have some magic fingers.”

“I have a bit of magic,” she smiled.  It would be a wide grin if she had any teeth to grin with.

The Bat bet a hand or two and she kept chunking off here chips.  The Bat almost hated to leave the poker table, but the task at hand was to win a bracelet during the world series and the lady had one of those magic magnet bracelets around one of her slender wrists.

The Bat fondled it, and she said, “Don’t be getting frisky…  yet.”

That was an unexpected turn.  A few minutes later she had gone busto, and the Bat decided to lay the challenge out to the lady.

He produced his money clip complete with wad of cash and laid it on the table.  The Bat said, “This for… that,” pointing toward her risk.

“That for this?”  She giggled, then whispered,”Where?”

“Let’s go to the Bat cave,” the Bat said.

Once there, the Bat got the shock of his life.  The lady seem to have no interest in playing poker for her bracelet.  Turns out she was a lady… of the night.  What a kick to the teeth, the Bat thought, when he looked at the lady who looked like she had had a kick to the teeth. 

The Bat had to escort the escort out of the room 5 minutes later still shy a bracelet. 

The Bat raced back down to the 3-6 game still awake in his quest to accomplish goal number 2, beat Phil Laak’s record for staying awake playing poker.   Technically, the Bat was only gone from the table for ten to fifteen minutes so that would count as a break.  The quest was still on.

The thin lady who had gotten the wrong impression also sat back down at the table.  Apparently, she had been able to scrounge up some money and was willing to gamble with it.  Though short one magnetic bracelet the Bat renewed his quest to conquer Vegas.

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