PokerBat’s Poker Party Blog

The PokerBat in his size 46 jeans, his size 20 shoes, and his size 71/2 hat made i over the IP Poker Classic.  The Bat obviously has never let his head get too big, but that says nothing about his britches.  The Poker Classic was a fun affair as the Bat always loves a live Texas Holdem game or two. The Bat saw, but declined to talk to many of the bloggers on GCP that seem to get preferential treatment to the Bat.  Perhaps, the Bat simply isn’t good looking enough to get higher placement on the front page.  Will have to email Wild Bill about this at some time.

Clearly, Gene D, Kai Landry, Poker Monkey, Wild Bill, Reid G, all had better things to do than say hi to the Bat.  That’s alright the Bat don’t need other bloggers to feel good about himself, though the Bat did say a couple of those guys on a cash table playing Blind Man’s Bluff.  Don’t mess with Wild Bill in that game.

What did the Bat do?  Well the Bat bubbled several events where the Bat got his money in good and the poker powers that be slapped his hand away like he was child in grandmother’s cookie jar.  The Bat’s favorite hand of the day occured when the Bat held pocket 7s.

The board was three to a flush, the table idiot, and that was a hard position to earn from the seven contenders (eight if you count the dealer) appeared to be on a flush draw.  The Bat had been tearing up the table like he was the Ghost Rider with a flaming school and pimped out Harley, but this guy kept getting lucky on him.  One of the flush cards was lucky 7, or maybe in this case unlucky 7.

The Bat’s set needed a little protecting from Flush Draw McGraw, the dog-faced luckbox enemy who kept taking a bite of the Bat, so the Bat just fired away half his stack.

The Cleveland Browns Superfan lookalike, who might have had the only pair of britches bigger than the Bat’s, rubbed his meaty fingers through what was left of his curly hair.  “Why so much, slim?”  he asked in a Mississippi drawl.

Bat normally don’t take kind to people refering to the Bat’s weight, but as this guy was also a super-heavy the Bat didn’t give it much thought, but calling a fat guy slim is about as amusing as the Fat guy from Borat naked but without the context of Borat.  Which is to say not amusing at all.

“Well, how about I just go all in on you…” he smiled and pushed his chips forward as though the Bat might fold.  Bat eyeballs the stack, and for a mili-second considers a slow-roll but then quickly calls.  Yeah, the fool had a mid-level flush draw.  You know how that one worked out.

Despite taking more hits than the Grateful Dead during intermissions, the Bat enjoyed the event.  The 7:00 pm tournaments probably could have done just a little better giving another 1k in chips, but otherwise the structure was rock solid.  Plenty of play throughout the event and none played like some turbo Online Sit and go poker tournaments.  The Bat has to echo the compliments to Bill Bruce and Jimmy Sommerfeld.

The Bat also picked up the second issue of Gulf Coast Poker Magazine and a XXL T-shirt from the GCP boys.  Guys, some of us are a little bigger than just a double XL.  Next time buy some bigger shirts.  Kudos to those guys for a solid issue and the Bat forsees many more good things from those guys in the future.

What’s the Bat got to do to get a Bat cover?  Bat takes down the Main Event here and at Harrahs is that a possibility?  Bat knows his ugly mug might scare potential readers away but he’s still the future face of poker.

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