Kamikazi Chip’n

So last week the Bat gives you the Stone Cold Donkey Nuts and this week he hears two people saying it… the Bat is a trend setter, that’s no doubt.  Anyway, poker fiends the Bat has some more poker terminology for you.

The Bat read the Tiltin’ Texan’s blog post the other day with all that Cardplayer geekese poker speak and it’s only fitting that the Bat gives you a helping of the trendy words of next year.  So next time you are at your home game telling the donkfish at your table he was sitting on the Donkey Nuts not the nuts, you can also debrief him on the white chip tell which the Bat has dubbed the Kamikazi Chip’n.

This is one of tells the Bat has learned over years of playing and believes in.  It only works on bad players so if anybody thinks you are decent don’t try and reverse the tell on them when you got a hand.  Nobody’s buying it at best they put you on a draw.

Anyways Kamikazi Chip’n is when the idiot at the end of the table is betting away at a pot and firing little go-away bets on the flop, turn and river.  Guess which chips he’s using?  The kind he doesn’t mind losing.

For some reason, the red chips being that they are more valuable than the white ones, are more likely to be used when the guy is sitting on a bigger hand.  Same is true of the green chips and black ones.  Though at times a casual flip of an overchip is meant as a scare tactic too, but that’s not usually done by a bad player.

No, a bad player, the Bat has noticed will put a stack of 10 white chips rather than two red ones which he’s got diddly.  He’ll also stack these lesser chips at the end and put them in the middle in an attempt to bluff at the pot when he’s got nothing.  It’s called Kamikazi Chip’n because those chips are on a suicide mission and they ain’t coming back to his stack. 

Now go use this tip on all the Latvians playing in Riga.

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