Donkey Nuts

The Bat saw Joe Seebok dressed as Robin on the front page of  Seebok must have gotten the memo that Bat was looking for a Robin.  The Bat will consider his credentials although it looks like he’s already signed with a mentor:  Phil Hellmuth and Ultimate Bet.   That’s nuts.

Speaking of nuts, The Bat wants to talk about a poker term you may not have heard but you should have, but the Bat knows you haven’t because the Bat hasn’t coined it yet.  Now, the Bat is coining it:  Donkey Nuts.

What’s a Donkey Nuts?  Donkey Nuts, to put it bluntly, are the beanbag of a ass or the hands a donkey thinks are the nuts.  They are called Donkey Nuts because an inexperienced player might bet into you like they are sitting on a royal flush yet only have top pair weak kicker.  Usually, the hands are a little better than that, but don’t think for a second a donkey won’t call you down with a naked ace and a terrible kicker.

Anyway, donkey nuts usually come out to play on a scary, brutal board where the river card tends to add straight and flush possibilities to an already paired board.  Donkey might think the last card that gave him two pair gave him the nuts and give every physical indication that he’s sitting on gold.

The Donkey Nuts is a mixed bag of decent but not great hands all to way to the genuine bonafide nuts.  The Bat gives you a tip, point out one of the 30 hands that the board just made and ask if the Donkey can beat it.  If the Donkey looks like you just took the carrot from the stick and broke out a whip, then call if you can beat one of the lesser hands.

The Bat likes donkeys and likes that donkeys think two pair is the nuts.  The Bat also enjoys it when a Donkey states he has the nuts his straight is worse than any flush. 

Oh well, good luck the next time you run into the Donkey Nuts, sometimes it takes horse balls to call.  Course if you play poker online, you don’t have to worry about a Donkey sitting like he just laid the golden egg, but that’s the advantage and disadvantage of internet poker.


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