Bat to Bat

The Bat has enjoyed a crazy week of action in online poker and real poker.  The Bat likes to play poker online if he can play limit poker.  Of late the Bat has had to stop his losses, gross, gross losses that running bad in no limit poker can do to a fella.

Two outer on the river?  Don’t worry donkeynut you’ll get there.  Afterall, you are playing the Bat, the worst lucktard in the box.  Used to be when the Bat would play online poker he’d steamroll the regs, the fishes, the newbies, the luckboxes, the lunchboxes, and the box of crayons three primary colors short of set.

Now, it’s the Bat running into sets, and the Bat flattened like a human pancake in the wake of a runaway steamroller.  Flop a set, overbet to protect, get a terrible call for all of a gentleman’s chips and watch runner runner flush the Bat down the toliet like an after coffee grumper.  It’s been so bad, the Bat is thinking about giving up the online game.

In the Bat’s local home game, it’s been no better.  The Bat feels like the local Phil Hellmuth, the Bat used to chew up these brokeasses and spit them out like a sunflower seed casing, now they are the ones doing the breaking.  Let’s take a look at a hand.

Bat is playing an older gentlemen, you know the type, the guy who shoves all in and says well I gotta go home anyway, and everytime he does that he’s got the nuts.  Seems somebody tipped him off that because the Bat watched him try that play (and the regs always fold) and espied the grey-haired greaser’s cards… absolute garbage.

So, later like the sucker buying rolexes on the street in Manhattan, the geezer tries the same play with the Bat.  Bat eyes him up and down and says this guy has been doing this with a bluff earlier, and must be doing it again, so the Bat makes a hero call.

STONE COLD NUTS.  The table rolls their eyes and of course expects the Bat to show a hand like second nuts.  Used to be you didn’t call the old man with anything but top two hands.  Course the Bat saw the old guy change things up and then the Bat was fanning at the double-reverse.  The Bat hates poker sometimes.

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