The Bat’s Bad Beat

The Bat has travled to the GCPC undercover.  Found some interesting articles about poker and travel over at Bet and Win Poker.  Course this time the Bat was driving so they didn’t apply so much, but if you travel you might want to read them.

In Event 1, the Bat bubbled.  The Bat hates to bubble, hates bubbles in his drink, hates the NCAA tournament where they talk about the bubble being on it or off it for three weeks every year, hates the movie the bubble boy, and finds bubble gum to be repugnant.

So for the Bat to bubbble is a bit like Phil Hellmuth getting donked out of a tournament by a spewtard from Holland overbetting 3-7.  The Bat was irate.  Inside the Bat considered tossing a chair at the big t.v. screens all over the Beau.  That’ll teach them to put a cooler like AK v. AA on the Bat.

Here’s how the hand went down.  The Bat was sitting on the button, THE BUTTON! in an unopened pot.  His opponent in the BB was sitting over a massive chip stack like he was the Godfather of poker and riding the table like he was a jockey and we were Secretariat.  The Bat don’t like that.

Anyway, the Bat thinks he’s going to snap off Willie Shoemaker (famous jockey) this time.  The guy can’t help defending his blinds.  The Bat fires out a 4k raise.  The Small Blind a mousey little fellow from Panama City folded and the Big Blind completed.

Now, the Bat’s done told you the end of the story so these details don’t mean a hill of beans, but bare with the Bat.  The BB calls.  You can decide if it was a smooth call, a flat call, or a value call, but it was definitely a call.

The board flops out K high.  The Bat is salivating.  The BB puts out this wussy 1/8th the pot bet and the Bat is ready to double up.  No flush or straight draws let’s let this silly bastard get a cheap turn card.

The Bat calls.  The turn is a K.  It’s the Bat’s day.  Obviously, the BB fires out another small bet and the Bat calls him.

River is an Ace.  The Bat might just get paid.  Out of nowhere the BB shoves and the Bat insta-calls.  Hello Aces, goodbye cruel tournament the Bat goes out in 61st.

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