The Bat Knows Better

Playing a high stakes online poker game The Bat got involved in a hand that really  chaps the Bat.  The Bat has A5 suited and has raised an unopened pot from late position.  The Big Blind, a tricky player, calls as does the button (any two cards is being generous, if this guy held only one card and it was a 10 or up he’d be in the pot and probably raising).  The flop came K85, two spades. 

The tricky player checked.  The Bat put out a little bet, trying to mislead more than anything. 

The button folded.  The tricky player called.

Turn was a red 5.  The Bat now had a pair.  That’s good right?  It’s good enough with a flush draw when the Bat wants to play poker online.

Tricky player checked and the Bat led out with a little bit more aggressive bet.  Tricky player called, smoothly or flat or whatever needless adjective you prefer to put in from the word call.  Besides maybe float call, which the Bat has never seen written before but is happy to coin a new phrase for you avid readers and possible Robins, adjectives before call are as worthless as describing a pregnancy with terms like little or a lot or mostly or partially.  You are either pregnant or you ain’t and you either call or you don’t.

The Bat is dejected on fifth street.  Brick city.  Suddenly the tricky player fires out a bet which is big.  It’s a don’t call me bet.  The Bat stews.  It don’t make sense.  Is it a missed draw?  Maybe.  Is it 2nd pair and trying to bet out a weak king or a pocket pair smaller than a king.  That’s probably what it is.

Hmmm.  The Bat doesn’t think he has enough chips to make the Tricky player fold by shoving over the top.  The Bat can’t even beat an 8, but truth be told the 8 didn’t make sense.  The only flush draws that made sense were QJ or J10 and those didn’t make too much sense.

The Bat types U got 1010. 

Time is almost up (no response).

The Bat calls.

The opponent shows 1010.

Anyway, nice read.  Bad call.  The Bat plays as bad as a noob.  The Bat will need to go back to poker school before hitting the felt again.

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