The Bat Salutes Poison Iveys 7th Bracelet

In World Series that featured Freddie Ellis becoming the 6th African American to win a bracelet, Phil Ivey won his sixth bracelet and SEVENTH BRACELETin Omaha high-low/seven-card stud high-low split Event 25.  Phil took down the $2,500 buy-in No Limit Deuce to Seven Draw Lowball tournament for his sixth bracelet.

He and Freddie Ellis couldn’t be further unalike.   Neither of Ivey’s bracelets are in so called World Championship events (10k buy-ins).   Ivey winning is nothing new though but it’s been a couple of years since his last one.  For Freddie Ellis is likely a one time thing and it took him the entire of his poker career to lunchbox luckbox his way to a championship. 

Ivey’s been winning since he took three bracelets in one year in the early part of this decade.  However, despite being burdened with prop bets almost as lucrative as this year he went ofer last year.  The Bat started to question ol’ Poison Ivey.  Big mistake.  Question Freddie Ellis (as the Bat did below) but never question Phil.

Not anymore.  The Bat knows that with this seventh bracelet Ivey now stands above the men he just tied.  Now, a week later instead of looking up at them in the all time rankings he’s looking down.  They include Jay Heimowitz, TJ Cloutier, Layne Flack, and Men “the Master” Nguyen.

Ivey, whose nickname No Home Jerome was earned by playing underage with a fake ID in Atlantic City, prior to the advent of an at home casino online.  Still, Phil is just as lethal online as he is live. 

Ivey is a man’s man when it comes to gambling.  He’ll play craps more than he’ll play poker.  In fact, his poker “problem” merely funds his craps hobby.   One can only guess if he likes to play casino online.   This year alone it’s rumored he’s won anywhere from3 to 12 million dollars on prop bracelet bets no telling what he’s wagered in casino online bets.   Supposedly he let a number of guys “off the hook” when he won his first bracelet by rolling it over into a bet that he couldn’t win a second.  I’m sure they were thanking him for the courtesy after he won his double.

The gambling industry has to be thrilled.  It just means more money at the craps table, bigger and higher stakes if and when he wants to play online casino.

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