Ladies Poker

Dario WedsThe Bat is many things but a lady hater is not one of them. The Bat loves his ladies, all shapes, all sizes, all spices, and all shades. The Bat loves his lady poker players too. Don’t try to bluff them, but do expect them to call you with a worse hand.  Somehow, it’s hard not to appreciate women, even little Dario came to that conclusion as it’s rumored he got married this week (see pic with him and his bride), so it’s time to celebrate women.

The Bat isn’t the only one celebrating women, as the Bat was reading its ladies week at the WSOP. They are holding the ladies championship (take a look at Lisa Hamilton pictured below, one of the chip leaders at the final table) and the Ladies Poker Hall of Fame is having their inductions. Usually, the Bat doesn’t like pairing women with inductions because it gets the Bat thinking about all his kids and all his ladies; you know as in induced labor.Lisa Hamilton

However, the Bat is glad to see one of the original poker hotties Cyndy Viollette got her ticket to the hall of fame. On that note, that Bat is going to rank his top 5 poker hotties. Unfortunately, for Shannon Elisabeth or Laura Prepon, these ladies must combine talent on the felt with their good looks so actresses are not eligible.

5. Tiffany Michelle – Did the Bat just break both his rules?  Okay, it’s debatable just how much poker talent Michelle has with only one WSOP cash, and some might say she’s more on screen talent than poker player (having appeared in an episode of ER), but Tiffany Michelle proved she can play, at least to the Bat, and the The Bat loves a player that can get under another player’s skin.

4. Cyndi Violette – The Bat intends to spell Cindy’s name as many different ways as possible because one of them has to be right. Sorry, Cindi but you got a weirdly spelled firstEvelyng name. Anyway, this cougar once appeared in playboy. Nothing wrong with that.

3. Cyclona Gowen – She’s frisky at the poker table and litigious. The Bat likes this ball of fire from Texas, and finds it appealing Gowen is going to tase Brandon Cantu to fullfill a prop bet.

2. Evelyn Ng – This girl is just cool. Guitar Hero freak, poker playing bad ass, a little bit of the Evelyng2Black Widow (from pool) thing going on. Have you seen her do chip tricks? Yeah, she makes the list.  In fact, she’s so nice she gets two pics.

1. Kathy Liebert – how much money has Liebert won? The Bat thinks she’s won more in tournament poker than any other lady. The Bat ain’t a gambling man, actually he is, but the Bat realizes if he’s every going to hypothetical shack up with a woman that plays poker. She better have a big bankroll and she better have game.  Liebert wins on both accounts AND she isn’t afraid to talk dirty, mix it up with the guys, and has a wry sense of humor. She is all the more sexy because of her skills. The Bat gives a thumbs up to Liebert and all she’s done by recognizing her as the hottest female poker player on the planet, and probably in the universe.

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