Old Man Wins Bracelet

The Bat likes to see guys labeled fish win titles.  No, not talking about Darryll Fish or that guy Landfish (second best poker name behind Moneymaker), I’m talking about gents like Freddie Ellis.  Freddie Ellis just won the 10k Seven-Card Stud ChPopular Comedian Who is World Championampionship.  Ellis is as much a world champion as Judah Freilander from 30 Rock is, and we mean he just plays one on TV.

 If an event is a 10k event it’s a world championship.  So Freddie Ellis is your new champion of the world in seven card stud.  Which is great because word has it the guy dumps money into the game in AC week after week after week.
The feel good story here isn’t that Freddie Ellis is 74 years old and one of the oldest bracelt winners ever.  It’s not that he’s only the fifth African American to win a bracelet.  Interesting to note all 5 champions have won their bracelets in Seven-Card Stud events (Phil Ivy has won 6, some in non stud events). 

The feel good story isn’t who Ellis beat though that’s good too.  In heads up play he bested fellow senior citizen Eric Drache (66).  Drache was the WSOP tournament director from the mid 70s until 1987.    He created satellites, not Sputnik or Skylab or Hubble, but single and multi-table feeders into Poker tournaments.

The final 11 players only included Max Pescatori, an Italian Pirate who the Bat imagines talks like the  WWE wrestler Santino Marella, Danny Negreanu, Hasan habib, Greg “FBT” Mueller, Tim Phan and Jeffrey Lisandro.  Yes, it was high profile.   Still Ellis beating them is not what makes the bat so happy.

The Bat loves it when rich guys who play bad get lucky and think they can play poker.  AC should be joyous.  Ellis will be playing Stud and maybe some other varieties of poker in that dump by the shore until he takes his last breath.  He’ll sit at the table jingling his bracelet and talking about his time in the WSOP to any and every shark that will patiently listen as they take his money.

This guy, a former singer made good, is obviously bright making his fortune in NYC real estate and now living off the interests in his bank account and alledgely pissing it away at the tables.  So what if Vegas and most of the poker world wanted Drache to win.  The Bat loves it when bad players get lucky. 

Guess what other bad players will see Ellis and think they can do it too.  They’ll start leaking money, we can start scooping it.  Don’t send the bad fish to poker school give ’em bracelets.  Ellis we got room for you in Shreveport.  Come on down.

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