Online Hand

Recently the Bat was playing in a online poker tournament.  The Bat had increased his starting stack by half and was looking to snap off the fishies surrounding him on his starting table.

Immediately, the Bat looks down at two red ladies.  Queen of hearts, Queen of diamonds, winking at the Bat suggestively.  Queens are the embodiment of poker’s temptation, especially under the gun, and they looked oh so suggestively as the Bat pondered.  The Bat got that queezy feeling in his stomach he gets anytime he looks at queens. 

A raise is clicked out, fairly standard 3x bet for online poker tournaments, and it’s folded to the small blind who puts 3x bet of Bat’s 3x bet.  Does that make it 9x?  Think so.  The Bat’s probably shipping it right here.

The Big Blind then calls the 9x bet.

That makes the Bat a little happy.  Maybe they both have AK.  Far more likely than AA and KK.  Even better maybe one has JJ or lower and the other AK.  The Bat reckons to himself, he says “Bat… the Bat reckons that the second guy is probably on a hand like AK because he flat called.  It’s a good situation for AA or KK to shove.  Since the BB has AK it’s likely the SB doesn’t have AA or KK.  So maybe he has JJ.”  See when the Bat wants to play poker tournament online he’s got his thinking cap screwed on tightly.  Does that make the Bat a screwhead?  Maybe.

The Bat looks at the chip stacks.  He’s got both covered but he’s fairly certain one or both players will call a shove at this point preflop.  The Bat determines his best course of action for this poker tournament is to flat call.  If an A or K doesn’t hit the Bat can bet it, and if one of the Blinddonks has AA, KK so be it.  If an A or K does hit, the Bat gets out and still has plenty of chips.

Flop is 9 high.  The SB insta shoves, the big blind folds (bye-bye AK).  The Bat knows the hand is between KK and JJ for the small blind.  The AK fold makes it more likely it’s JJ.  Bat calls and it is JJ.  Jack hits the river and all the Bat’s careful thought goes out the window.  Argh! Sometimes the Bat hates to play poker tournaments!

The BB in chatbox says the Bat should have shoved preflop, likely JJ folds and AK calls.  Then the Bat wins the hand.  However, that’s a tad results oriented isn’t it.  The guy advocates the Bat isolating the hand the Bat is in a coin flip with and taking away the Bat’s ability to fold for less than the Big Blind’s full stack if an A or K hits.

Actually, the Bat got exactly what he wanted.  He set up an escape route and isolated against a hand he had dominated that was drawing to two outs.  True it didn’t work out in this poker tournament but poker tournaments strategy is to survive and advance.  Bat almost survived and almost advanced.

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