Attack of the Bat

The Bat enjoyed the circuit event in New Orleans, which just won the rights to the Superbowl in 2013.  Still didn’t get a hoodie but the Bat is working on it.  The Bat played some cash games and the Bat was aggravated by the donknuts that sat at the table with him.

Example Uno:  Donknutjob A in a 1-2 No Limit Hold ‘Em cash game decides from early postion to call a $15 raise with 107 off suit.  Later in the evening he told his neighbor “I always plays those sooted connectors.”  Neither sooted nor a connector.  However, if Donknuts were able to read their cards they wouldn’t be able to win any money.

So, donknuts calls my $15 raise, and three other players do also.  Doesn’t matter what the Bat was holding but know it was a big pocket pair.  Flop smacks donknuts in the face…  689 two spades.

The Bat’s holding it down on the button and biding his time to drop a big bet and thin this field.  EP caller, aka Donknuts aka guy who still plays with matchbox cars and makes the vroom vroom noises when he’s by himself in his seedy apartment watching the cartoon network aka bad pokah player decides to throw a stack of reds into the pot.

The other limpers fold, the Bat mulls it over.  Why bet so much?  Never underestimated the depths of somebody’s stupidity or cowardice.  The Bat did.  Yes, the Bat played this hand bad.  Nobody would play their flopped straight for so little value.  So what if there is a flush draw. 

PokerBat decides to shove his stack right to the center.  The old matchbox vroom vroomer insta-calls.  Ouch.  Yes, he flopped a straight and the Bat is drawing very thin.  Bat misses and pays off bad player.  Bat might be the bad player.

So, tail between legs the Bat returns to the hotel to play a little online.  Sho nuff, once agin I got another big pocket pair–lead out with a big preflop bet, get called by j8 o/s and repeat the exact same scenario.  Bat loves unsuited nonconnectors aka any two cards aka dumb man’s hand.

That didn’t work out so well.  Pokerbat decided to play online roulette.  Swing and a miss.  Spin and miss.  Bat’s on a bit of tilt.  Ain’t going to let the online roulette wheel beat me down. 

 “Vroom, Vroom” says the Bat and sure enough one spin later the Bat’s number hits.    Unsooted connectors are gone from the Bat’s mind.  The bat likes to play roulette online.  Couple more roulette spins and then one more number hits and the Bat calls it a night.  Who needs poker!

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