Vanessa Ruosso wins High Stakes Event

vanessa ruosso in shades hot

vanessa ruosso in shades hot

The Bat is a-gaga over poker’s lady gaga!

The pretty young woman from south Florida who has been running red hot this year.  

-Ruosso took second in the NBC Heads Up Championship

-Did a tour promoting her Game Theory education,

-And now wins the High Roller event at the EPT event in Monte Carlo. 

Didn’t know the Euros played online poker?

Ruosso with Shades Hot but not as hot

Ruosso without shades, hot, but not AS hot

Why is Ruosso poker’s Lady Gaga?   (If you don’t know who Lady Gaga is keep reading).

Without her shades there is a passing resemblence to the singer.  Yes, pictures below to prove it.

Plus, as mentioned everybody is gaga about her, including the Bat.  Just keep the shades on.

Lady Gaga shades

Lady Gaga shades

Wonder if Chad Brown has seen his Poker’s Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.  For those not in the know, that poker face, is when in an intimate moment with a man, a woman fantasizes about another woman.  Singer Lady Gaga coined the phrase, and stipulates you need a poker face to not tip off your partner your mind is contemplating Ellen Degeneres’s.  On a sidenote to this sidenote, the Bat wonders if any dude really cares what the woman is thinking about.  The Bat kids, the Bat kids.


Lady gaga without shades

Ruosso wasn’t the only one from the area doing well over there.  She chopped at three ways with the winner having a shot for a bigger piece.  They each got 450k (Euros I guess which is probably 450 million U.S.–that’s a joke) and played for the extra 150k. 

Ruosso got heads up with a Fort Lauderdale man who in this article complained about his lack of press.  The Bat sympathizes.  He should get more press.  People should write blog posts about him, and name him and not refer to him as a Fort Lauderdale man.  Anyway, the local man, who is not getting named enough in the coverage of Ruosso, came into heads up with an incredible lead and couldn’t close the deal.

Ruosso, who surprised the Florida man twice, once by coming back to win and then when she pealed off her shades, became his new favorite player.  The Bat believes he was serious when he said, “She’s the greatest thing to ever happen to poker.”  

However, The Bat wants to introduce the man to Chris Moneymaker, the hole card camera, and Phil Hellmuth.  The Bat also wants to introduce the unnamed man to himself.  It’d be nice to put a name to a face you know.

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