Online Poker Update

After the WPT World Championship ended, so too did the high stakes games taking place at “Bobby’s Room.”  Stars such as Tom Dwan, David Benyamine, Phil Ivey mixed it up in live poker action.  They probably enjoyed the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome relief from a mouse, though shuffling chips too many times can cause some pain on its own.

Patrik Antonius has been having a good month.  In the Durrrr challenge he’s been able to build a lead, with almost 1/3rd of the required $50,000 hands complete.  Factor in his other online play and he’s up 4.5 million on the year.  April helped the bottom line for the big Swede as he won over 1.5 million.

His opponent in the challenge Tom “durrrr” Dwan himself, is up $272k in April.  Despite the slow bleed to Antonius in the challenge Dwan’s bottom line has improved on the year.  Though not quite as improved as it was a couple of days ago.  Just a few days ago Dwan was in the clouds up over 2 mill on the month and nearly even on the year.  

So for the month he’s up.  But for the last few weeks he’s down 1.7 million.  Durrrr and Patrik have been playing hold’em and online omaha poker to meet their quota of hands.  There still remains some intrigue on whether or not Patrik can get so big a lead he can just sit on it to claim his 1.5 million.

Dwan’s not the only player to turn things around.  According to PokerKing (and the HighStakes Database) a couple other big names are enjoying big months:

 Ilari “ “Ziigmund” Sahamies and Phil Ivey are both enjoying seven-figure months in April as well, and both are currently sitting with around $1.5 million dollars worth of profit in 2009.

Other highstakes players are recently getting their acts together.  One of the most legendary online players, Di “Urindanger” has turned a profit of $872k in April to put a turniquet on his losses for the year.  His near one million this month, has cut down his losses to $1.1 million. 

Players losing their rolls? Lars Luzak is down almost a million on the month.  HarrisMP half a million.  The biggest losers are two of the bigger names.  Despite being boxed out of the Durrrr Challenge Phil “OMGClay Aiken” Galfond has dropped 1.3 million in cash play.  The Great Dane Gus Hansen lost 1.5 million.

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