No, You Sir Are Out of Turn

Angle shooters… can’t live with them, unfortunately can’t shoot them.  Poker is a game of deception, a game of lies, a game of misinformation and feints, bluffs, and fraud.  However, there are some rules and some boundaries to the dishonesty.

You don’t cheat.  That’s fairly simple.  You don’t play with marked cards, you don’t palm cards, and you don’t try to steal a look at your opponents hole cards.

But what about the grey areas.  The less glaring examples of cheating but are still somewhat cheating.  One popular angle that’s shot, is shoving a chips into play out of turn.  I hate this angle.

Generally it’s when one player is on the short-stack or maybe when the pot has swollen to a huge size.  Then the second player to act will bet out of turn.  He might shove or put in a sizable bet.

The angle works on the premise that if the first player checks, he can bet or bluff with impunity.  Recently, I saw an experienced tournament player do just that.

It was late in the tournament and everybody was essentially on a short stack.  The experienced player through out half his stack preflop.  The tight small blind folded.  The tight big blind didn’t.  He stewed and then called.

The flop came out jack high.  The tight player in the blind paused for but a second, when out of nowhere the player second to act, threw in the rest of his stack.  The big blind steamed and perhaps recognized it for the obvious angle it was and said “What are you doing?” 

The experience player wrinkled his face and acted surprised, “Oh, I thought you checked.”

“No you didn’t,” the big blind replied.  Then he shoved all his stack to the center. 

The experienced player the dastardly angle shooter shrugged, said, “I gave it a shot,” and folded.  In that situation, I do one of two things.  If I have the hand, I check, let him shove and call.  If I don’t I push just like the big blind did.

I hope the big blind did so for the same rationale.  If he had a had I wish he had checked.

One of the pluses of Internet poker  is that the angle shooters are harder to come by.  They certainly don’t have anybody acting out of turn because they can’t, on a computer.

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