Champion Chip Results

The now weekly ChampionChip online poker tournament on bwin turned into a sordid, seedy affair as xxxlolitaxxx took down the title.  Actually, truth be told, except for the name of the winner the action was mostly g rated.  

A parent’s advisory might have been necessary as the players decided to play poker online only for the standard gory and dirty bad beats  but xxxlolitaxxx steady play was approved for all audiences.

There were 1642 players who signed in to play online poker and all fell a little short of xxxlolitaxxx and the $55,065 prize.  The  prize pool was over $300,000 and it didn’t take long for xxxlolitaxxx to gather a lot of chips.  He became a mamonth chip leader with more than twice that of the second place runner for much of the tournament.

As the tournament progressed so did xxxlolitaxxx’s chip lead.  With slightly more than an hour of action left, and 7 hours completed, xxxlolitaxxx could look at 1.2 million and virtual chips.   2nd place at the time barapengar only had  500 thousand.     

Entering the online poker final table the chip stacks were:  phantomaup $355,273, NeilMc $286,140 (who played for bwin at the WSOP last year), Tlick777 $253,712, gregg937 $148,654, RioFish $161,435, skwiik $254,518, Oodges $254,967, xxxlolitaxxx $1,447,851, Keiler513 $566,128, and  barapengar $376,322.   Gregg937 and RioFish had the most work to do.

Second place proved temporary for barapengar as his opponents caught up he cashed out for $12,579 in fifth place.    Beating him to the rail by mere minutes Keiler513 won  $9,359 for sixth.  4th place went to skwiik who netted $18,719.

The final three were  phantomaup with $577,566 in chips,  gregg937with $817,602 and the monster xxxlolitaxxx with $2,655,832.  There was some drama added to the final duel when phantomaup gave his chips to gregg937 with A10 0/s vs. pocket jacks.  Even with more ammunition in the chip department he still faced an uphill battle.  That’s because xxxlolitaxxx didn’t just wait for his opponents to go anywhere he kept chipping up.  He sat with over 3 million in chips and gregg937 was going to need to win a few double ups to win as he had less than a million.

The heads up action didn’t last long.  Gregg937 had to feel good when he turned two pair only to get all the money in and discover the elusive xxxlolitaxxx had turned a straight.  No miracle full house came on the river and xxxlolitaxxx pocketed the first place prize.

It wasn’t all bad for gregg937 won as he won$37,438 for second place.  Third place phantomaup pocketed $24,958.

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