A Little bit about the Bat…

Born Bartholomew Masterson, Bat Masterson kicked some ass back in the day.  A buffalo hunter, a gambler, a ladies man, a gun-fighter, and a sports-writer Bat ran with Wyatt Earp and Wild Bill.  He called himself The Genuis. 

He was also poker stud, but he weathered ups and downs in bankroll management. 

TV shows, comic books, and movies have captured the man… a little bit.

Here’s his theme song:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRNImRxRNjc

He’s basically a legendary American bad ass. 

The only troubling thing is he might not have been the greatest poker player, as he had to have so many other jobs throughout his life.  Course, my parents weren’t thinking about poker when they named me after the guy.

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