Being a bit of a soccer fan, I was surprised to read online that David Beckham departed the LA Galaxy and went on loan to Italian powerhouse AC Milan.  This was the guy who was supposed to save the MLS.  He was the marketing equivalent of Pele (but certainly not his match in talent–except for crossing, energy and free kicks) and was going to bring the spotlight to the young league only now coming online.  He did half his part.  In a game of high stakes poker the LA Galaxy bought the massive pot with a slight overbet and signed Becks, for a massive amount of publicity.  After the luster of spending huge dollars wore off and the media turned their eye to more American sports what do they have to show for it?  A failed reality show, some papparazzi photos of him out on the town with Tom Cruise, and Posh Spice Single-White-Femaling Katie Holmes Cruise is about it, although Scientology may thank the Galaxy for their next totem if the recruitment goes as planned.

I wonder if Beckham is a bit of a gambler.  Now with online casino bwin emblazoned across his jersey he’ll be a representative of fans who like to play blackjack online or play online roulette.  It’s ironic because the LA Galaxy thought they had blackjack when they paired David Beckham with the greatest American player ever, Landon Donovan, yet they didn’t even make the playoffs.  Their defense played as hesitantly as I would Russian Roulette and even the tireless energy of Beckham couldn’t stop the league’s assault on their goal.

Sure they provided some exciting games as the Galaxy scored early and often but their opponents usually scored more.  Bettors, or “punters” as Beckham’s Brits like to call them, will now face better odds when betting on Beckham’s team as AC Milan is internationally competitive.  They have a recent Champions League trophy as proof of that.  If gamblers need inspiration where to place their bets, they need look no further than the online casino bwin on Beckham’s jersey to make a second half bet.

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