Play poker on a Mac? Want to?

I have a good friend of mine who is a little dejected he can’t get involved in the online poker boom because he doesn’t have a pc.  Many companies don’t offer online gaming or poker to Mac software.  Mac texas holdem is hard to come by and when you can play it, oit is a bit of a hassle to use one.  He found recently a site that does just that

Don’t get me wrong, I love my pc, but I admire the capabilities of his mac.  He’s into heavy graphic programs and film editing so he’s felt it’s mandatory that he own a macintosh.  I’ve always felt like I’ve had the upperhand because of the limitations on his macintosh poker.    Now he can play mac texas holdem whenever he wants.

I’ll have to look into Apple a bit more.  He’s now got a poker mac as well as his cool iPhone, iPod, and devices that have a symbiotic relationship with his home computer.

I have another friend on Shoats, that whines about not being able to play poker on his mac.  I’m going to have to ship him the link to and see if he likes it.  I’ll put up a review if he does one.

In my own news, I had a good day of texas holdem.  I chased a couple of flush draws and got there on the turn.  One guy had a set but didn’t pair the board and paid me hansomely.  The other guy rivered a straight and shoved like he was holding the gonads.  He wasn’t.  I was.  Ace high flush.  Nice chunk of change.

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